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AI in Clinical Care Is Key to Individualized Medicine

Machines can now be trained to see things humans cannot, and likely never will. Researchers have recently demonstrated this principle in applications involving a wide range of biomedical imaging. From obviating the need to stain pathology slides, to finding rare cells without cytometry, to characterizing skin lesions, retinal scans, chest …

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What you need to know about 5G

After years of hype, carriers are finally turning on their 5G networks. But those deployments remain limited, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find yourself near one. For 5G, as with any technology, give it some time. It’s a virtual certainty, however, that you aren’t a 5G customer of any of …

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Apple defends the way it shares Safari browser data with Google

Apple is refuting press reports that it sends some users’ private browsing data to Google and the Chinese tech company Tencent, saying it safeguards people’s information in its own systems and doesn’t send most easily identifiable website information to other companies. The concerns stemmed from reports over the weekend that focused on …

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Facebook’s Libra

After five major payments providers pulled out last week, Facebook’s Libra currency project looked to be on the rocks. But the remaining members have insisted it’s full steam ahead. The 21 founding companies in the Libra Association – down from 28 when the project was first announced – met for …

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Huawei to Unveil an All-screen Smartphone Next Week

Coming in hot off of the launch of the Mate 30 series, Huawei is set to unveil a new all-screen smartphone next week. In a tweet posted by Jeb Su, VP of Advanced Technologies, Principal Analyst and Technology Futurist at Atherton Research, Huawei will announce the new device on October 17th in …

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