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Aerospace industry seeks Brexit reassurance

There is growing concern among key aerospace manufacturers about regulatory alignment and the ability to bring products to market after Brexit.

The firms have sought reassurance that the UK would continue to be a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency after any Brexit deal.

They also warned that alignment with chemicals regulations is “vital” for the sector.

The government said it would pursue agreements where necessary.

The government is facing a backlash from key manufacturers amid growing industrial concern that Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiators have dropped existing commitments to participate in specific EU regulatory institutions after any Brexit deal.

BBC News has obtained a letter from the aerospace industry body, the ADS, to the government asking for “reassurance” that “continued membership of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and alignment with EU chemicals regulations” which “are vital for our sector”.

It said that “we received assurances from the previous [May] government that the UK would seek to continue membership of or retain participation and influence in EU agencies such as EASA”.


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